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Racereport 2#UCI Weltcup_Albstadt_20.05.2018

180520 14536 by Sternemann GER Albstadt XCO ME Foidl

Max Foidl reaches his best result of the young career
The worlds 3rd placed Thomas Litscher had a great worldcup comeback. The jb brunex felt rider took a solid 25th place under a great athmosphere in albstadt. Even better the 22nd place from max foidl, the same place as his austrian teammate lisi osl. But again bad luck for adelheid morath
Under a great athmosphere, max foidl showed his talent and took his best worldcup result, in albstadt. After the startlap he was ranked on 37, then he pushed forward.
at lap 4 from 7 he was riding a constant top 20 pace on really hard riding conditions, because the track was unbeliavable sleppery. At the finishline max was super happy, 4.34minutes behind worldchampion schurter. „i’m super satisfied! It’s going all very well since few weeks“ he was hoping for a top 30 result, and he made it already much better. Top 30 was his goal for the season, he already reached it, so now he’s on top 20!
Thomas Litscher just finished 31 seconds behind his teammate on a 25th place.
He was happy about the wet and slippery track, with the rain from the last night.
It was a advantage for both the jb brunex felt team riders.

Litscher didn’t have the best start, but he was fighting straight to the front. Riding the whole race around place 15. But in the last lap, straight in the first downhill, he had a stupid crash „the concentration wasn’t the best, fighting hard for a top 15 was enorme, so.... shit happens“ he was joking. sadly the handlbar turned at the crash and he had to ride slower till the finish. Finally he lost 10 places. „the feeling is good, just around 6 weeks after my surgery“
That already sounds better then his commentar after fridays short-track where he finished on 28th place „there’s a lot of work to do“

Women: Lisi Osl is catching up
A smiling Lisi Osl. Not after the short-track. Such a high intenstive 25minutes race is not her thing, that’s why she finished on 38th place.
But after the cross-country race on sunday it looked better with a satisfied lisi on place 22.„it took some time till i had the race speed“ riding on position 41 after the startloop with a bad crash, she fastly moved up. „i overtook the whole race till place 22nd, that was a great feeling“

Ramona Forchini suffered pretty much with the wet and slippery conditions in Albstadt. „it wasn’t my thing“
Forchini, who just made it into the top 40, for riding the shortrace and finished 26th, had a fast start. Climbing the first uphill with all the top riders wasn’t a problem, till the downhill. „i just had too many crashes“ and then again a problem with the chain. That were too many problems for her, so she finished the race, 2 laps back on 41st place.

180518 02466 by Kuestenbrueck GER Albstadt XCC WE MorathAdelheid Morath had a really bad day. At her comeback, after her hand injury , she took a good start but had a bad crash just a few minutes later.
She crashed onto a stone and broke her collarbone.
So she’s facing a longer break again.
U23: Points for Lara Krähemann
Lara Krähemann rode a solid U23 race and made it into the points. Starting from position 58 at her first worldcup and finishing on a 23rd Place sounds good. She had some problems in the downhills „that’s my weak point“ but in the uphills she showed her power.
Casey South on ranked on 49. „i had a fast start, moving up till position 30, but then a had a lack of energy“ a crash and a technical didn’t make it better. „it wasn’t super dramatic but at a worldcup every second counts, so i’m happy with how it went“.
Fabio Püntener had some bigger goals than he reached. But with a 69th place at his first worldcup „it’s OKAY“.