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Racereport Öztaler Bike Festival Haiming, 22.04.18

180422 36526 by Sigel AUT Haiming XCO WE WJ Ceremony Osl BoudotMourel Clauzel Lechner Tauber Belomoyna Forchini Stirnemann Kalentieva KollerRamona Forchini uses her good shape

With a 5th place at the Ötztaler Mountainbike-Festival, ramona forchini showed her strength again. At this HC race, there were more top 10 results, max foidl took a solid 9th place at the men elite and the same for jorin gabriel in the u23 race.
„it was my goal, to be in front directly from the start, said ramona forchini. It sounded like before the race in rivera, switzerland, and also here in öztal, austria, she did it.
After the first lap, ramona came on second position, straight after the dutch rider, anne tauber, which went away pretty fast, but our ramona fighted long time with the leader, in the uci worldranking, yana belomoina.
„after some laps on this technical and physical very demanding track, it was all about surviving, ramona was laughing, but it was more then this.
She had to let belomoina go, and also worldcups winner lechner from italy, in the end she sadly lost the fight with the french girl clauzel and finished with a gab of 3:15min to the dutch winner anne tauber (1:20h).
„after my cold the week before, i diden’t expect a top-ten, but it was just an amazing track, with a super fast bike, so everything worked well, so ramona finished on a great 5th place.
Also our austrian rider elisabeth osl finished in the top-ten, with a gap of 6:40 on position 10. The youngest, lara krähemann, took the 23th place and also catched some uci points.
Also Max Foidl continues with his super shape and showed up in the top 6 after already 3 laps, which he was pretty surprised about.
Saidly he lost air in the rear wheel, so he had to make a pit stop. There he lost seven placec but no reason to not go fast again. He gave it all and finished on a good 9th position, 4:20 behind the french winner maxime marotte. „i felt pretty good, same like last week in nals, the shape is here and i’m looking forward to the next competitions.
Jorin Gabriel, our u23 rider, was searching for the leading group, directly after the start. The legs were burning the forest full of dust and the temperature close to 30 degrees, „i nearly died“ he was laughing.
With a solid race, some up’s and down, he finished on 9th place, 3:47min behind the winner and u23 worlds bronz medallist , max brandl from germany.
„jorin was relieved, the training is gonna pay off“
Casey south took the 18th place.

2 # Proffix Swiss Bike Cup Schaan, Switzerland
Here were 3 drivers for us at the start.
u23 driver fabio püntener finished the race in 12th place.
He had a small fall uphill, slipped on a root. Unfortunately the concentration was gone. He said, "I was not there in my head, always a little too late, the heat was more difficult than I expected."
Nico Eichenberger finished 23rd in the middle of the field.
Lars Kämmlein u19 lamented again strong back pain and gave up the race on it.

European championship in Spilimbergo / IT
Verena Huber was here at the start.
Your report:
About 104km and 3300 uphill. "It was a really hard race on an awesome track with lots of difficult trails.
Have not been all fine - no good legs, but fight till the end. Ended up with a solid 17. Place. "