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Racereport Marlene Sunshine Cup Nals / IT

 ITA Nals XCO ME ceremonyjb BRUNEX Felt Factory Team, Sunshine-Race Nals (HC), 15. April 2018

Max Foidl shows his Talent
The austrian Max Foidl from Team jb BRUNEX Felt showed an awesome performance and finished on a great 7th place at the sunshine race in nals, italy. Teammate Lisi Osl took the 12th place in a worldclass womens field.
Max already guessed, that, in nals, there could be a good result.
„i was feeling the improvement after the hard trainingsblock in the last few weeks, then it really worked perfect“, did say the very happy and tired max after the finishline. He finished 3:13min after winner mathias flückiger.

Foidl had a fast start and moved up pretty quick, but he kept calm and went forward step by step.
Somewhen he showed up in the top-ten. In the last lap he batteled with the swiss (worldchamps-silver medallist) lukas flückiger and just got beaten by 2 seconds.
With his 7th place, max showed his talent, has beaten some big names and he was the first austrian, which is also really important.
„i really love this track and felt so good during the race“ in this worldclass field, this 7th place is just amazing for me, i’m glad everything worked so well.

In the womens race, lisi osl ended on a 12th place.
Starting within this huge worldclass bunch of riders ,she was satisfied.
With 65 womens on the starting line she set the goal for a top 15 result.
After a solid startloop she kept fighting for every position and did hold a constant pace. Finally there was a 12th place for her.
after the race she said „everything goes in the right direction (Training)“

Bad luck for ramona forchini.
She finished,with a gap of 11:46min, to the winner sina frei on place 32, which diden’t shows her level.
„i got a cold on friday, so i just wanted to start and see what’s possible“
but there was not a lot energy in my body.
„that can happen, and the next race is just around the corner“
The focus in now to get healthy and race ready for the next weekend.

Nico Eichenberger got the numberplate 130 from 142 riders. With a small startloop it’s still hard to overtake and get in front.
There’s a lot of waiting and walking on the small singletrails in nals with so many mens fighting for a good position. After 4 of 7 laps he got the 80% rule from the uci and had to leave the race.