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Comback from Adelheid Morath und Thomas Litscher

adelheid moraththomas litscher


jb Brunex Felt Factory Team, 4. April 2018

After Hip Surgery, Litscher is feeling confident–
Morath is working at her Comeback

The Worlds Bronze Medallist Thomas Litscher has undergone a Surgery last Week in Lucerne, that should fix his steady Hip Problems.
The Leader of the jb BRUNEX Felt Team will fall out for some time. Adelheid Morath is working hard to comeback well.

This problem was hanging at him already a long time and he was always forced to make some time-outs during his career.
With the last years bronze medal at the worldchampionship in cairns, the 28 year old showed what he can deliver, when everything works OK.
Because this problem was known, he did a medical check directly after 2017 season. Sadly they coulden’t figure out the right reason at this time.
So he did what he could do himself over wintertime to get off this problem.
Despite all this things he couldn’t get rid of it.
The feeling in the first competitions wasn’t nice, he could not bring the same pressure on the left pedal than on the right.
Directly after the first worldcup in stellenbosch, he went straigt to the doctor to make more analysis.
Finally they made a diagnose; it’s a matter of a impingement-syndrome, a constriciton of his hip joint.
This bony conflict made a painful disability in the movement in the joint. This impingement blocked the hips in several positions while riding the bike.
„It’s a pity to take a time-out, just when the season has begun, but on the other side i’m relieved that the docotors found the reason. The several ups and downs the last few years and the throwbacks were pretty painful for the mind of a sportsman“
Thomas Litscher explains that he surgery went very well and the rehabilitation has just startet. First there are a few days of rest before he already can start with movement and aimed setup.
Thom is working on his comback to racing in June.
From the side of team manager Joe Broder: „Sure, it’s a hard setback for the team to lose the strongest rider in the beginning of the season, but we are happy that they could help him with his steady problems“. If you know, how many times he made his way up from really far down, we’re looking optimistic into the future. „and when you see what he delivered with his problems, we’re just curious what’s possible when everything works well“

Adelheid Morath: soon on the bike again
Teammate Adelheid Morath is looking positive on her highlight of the season. After she fractured her scaphoid after a nasty crash on the stellenbosch worldcup track, she’s aiming with her comback at the second round of the UCI MTB worldcup in Albstadt.
Her surgery went also very well and at the moment the German team member keeps herself in shape with long hiking trips. But soon hiking will be over and she’s happy to pedal again.
By the way (sadly) also Adelheid has a lot of experience with comebacks after several injuries. But she always keeps going to be back stronger.
„Adelheid is a fighter women. I’m sure that she will show us her strenght soon, and that we will smile together at the finishline“,  says Joe Broder